Xyon and Xenia
By Strongforever200
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Xyon knows he will never feel the love or pull of a mate. He can never have one because he had to sacrifice his right to have a mate and that's something he has come to terms with, but has he truly though? Becoming a legendary Alpha who has one of the strongest packs in the world along with being head Alpha of the council has taken all his time, training and acquiring large amounts of lands for his pack, and keeping peace between all the surrounding packs life just doesn't give him time to blink, until he comes face to face with someone... a mere she-wolf, who forces him to not only blink but close his eyes... Xyon has never lost a battle, fight, argument, hell! Not even a stupid staring contest yet what will he do when he is faced with a battle where no fists or lethal weapons are used and the Rules can change any moment and it seems this small she-wolf is an expert at this game... "We are in Black Hound's Territory", with that being said Xenia could hardly believe her luck for this is exactly where she needed to be and now all she had to do was find the Alpha and tell him her ordeal and ask for his help, but soon her delight was wiped away from her face as she realized one thing, right now the only person she should be scared of is Him, for as soon as He finds out who she is; she is going to be in so much trouble that death might be a more merciful outlet... Well, I guess now all she has to do is find him and convince him of helping her without him knowing her true identity! Isn't that just a piece of cake! Or how about just like impossible...

Xyon and Xenia

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Xyon and...
by Strongforever200