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inspired shorts. Cuz i have nowhere else to put it. this book will have cussing in it. people, i know there are mistakes. I'm human, i will make them. when readers points out errors, that sh*t gets annoying, but I guess that can only help. sometimes i just need to alleviate the creative process before it stops. and if there's a few grammatical errors along the way, well whoop-di-do! tough! I'll come back and fix it later. Writer's block is a b*tch. no one likes that. I'd rather let the ideas flow as I try to catch them all than dwell on errors. Constructive criticism is much appreciated. After I mark it complete, there will be a massive edit process. This is purely for me. This helps me lower my stress levels by releasing whatever or however much activity I have up in my noggin. you see, when an idea shoots through me, I have to express it in some way otherwise I lose that idea and I stress about what is was and how it could have been so great. I lose my train of thought easily, but I can usually get it back just as easily. Life motto: If it's important, I'll remember it. p.s. here some boba Honeydew milk tea. coz it's the best! #addiction #substanceabuse #iloveallmyfans okay. I'm done ranting. *passes everyone a cup of boba* XP Cover is from Instagram. comment, rate, follow YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

ode to Harry potter series ... or naw...

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Rants and...
by smileyemily93