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By strawberrykiller37
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In the city of Ever, the Haven rules over the "mythological" Faeries. As humans slowly track down their ancient city, Aerie and her troops move out to protect their city as Royal Guards. The Haven permits a practice that renders all citizen Faeries "equal". The Faerie wings are what stems their power and intelligence, with the Clipping, the wings are removed from their backs and every citizen is born alike. She stumbles on a dark secret that shakes her very loyalty to her home. She is forced to decide between what is right, and what her loyalty to the Haven permits. On the other side of the world; there is the realm of the Lyte versus Chroma. The Lyte is at war with their government: Chroma. Xyris has more important things to be worrying about however, as a priestess in training, her love with Raleigh must remain a secret. However, while in the woods she discovers that the Divine; the guardians of her world; are more than legends. They are real; and they want something from her.

Aerie; Clipping

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by strawberrykiller37