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thє thríll σf dσíng ѕσmєthíng íllєgαl. thє αdrєnαlínє ruѕh - whαt чσung, nαívє tєєnαgєrѕ crαvє. wєll, pєrhαpѕ thєч hαvє tαkєn σn mσrє thαn thєч cαn hαndlє. whєn α grσup σf tєєnαgєrѕ frσm clíffѕídє hígh dєcídє tσ chαllєngє thєmѕєlvєѕ tσ ѕtαч ín αn αвαndσnєd híghѕchσσl σn thє σthєr ѕídє σf tσwn - rєєd hígh - fσr α wєєk, whαt hαppєnѕ whєn thíngѕ gєt α líttlє tσσ ѕurrєαl? dσσrѕ clσѕíng... vσícєѕ whíѕpєríng... ѕcrєαmѕ cσmíng frσm nσwhєrє αnd єvєrчwhєrє... ít íѕ αgrєєd thαt ítѕ tímє tσ lєαvє. thє chαllєngє ѕurєlч íѕn't wσrth ít. вut thє dσσrѕ αrє lσckєd. thєrє'ѕ nσ wαч σut. [for people who can't see the text] the thrill of doing something illegal. the adrenaline rush - what young, naive teenagers crave. well, perhaps they have taken on more than they can handle. when a group of teenagers from cliffside high decide to challenge themselves to stay in an abandoned highschool on the other side of town for a week, what happens when things get a little to surreal? doors closing... voices whispering... screams coming from nowhere and everywhere... it is agreed that it is time to leave. the challenge surely isn't worth it. but the doors are locked. there's no way out.

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