Weilding Excalibur
By BlxxdLxst
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This story contains murder and suicide if you cannot stand or handle those please do not read this book because I am telling you there will be somebody killed or dying in every other chapter. Like really if you are going to hate on the book because someone dying in every other chapter do not read it like I'm warning you right now. Now that that's out of the way I'm going to get started with the real stuff. "Go to the stone."The eerie voice said "It's all yours." There it is again "Hurry child he's waking up." And again Lilith Pendragon daughter of King Arthur Uther Pendragon (Wtf type of name is that) and Queen Guinevere de Lyonesse (Bro the names) Keeps hearing voices telling her to go to the stone and pull Excalibur. I know legend says King Arthur was the one that pulled it out of the stone but um this is fiction so don't hate please.

Weilding Excalibur

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by BlxxdLxst