Sold To Them (Todob...
By XxDepressed_beanxX
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*Trigger warnings!* Abuse Sexual assault Rape Anorexia Cutting I honestly didn't mean for this to turn into a depressed Izuku AU but it kinda happened. (Heavily Inspired By Lyznard_fan_fics) Izuku Midoriya had amazing friends, Excellent Grades and and was admired by everyone. In front of everyone he had the perfect life! But behind closed doors everything was falling apart...his father being apart of the mafia didn't really help. he had trained Midoriya for years when he was a child, him being naturally trained, everyone in the mafia wanted him. One morning his father comes home from a meeting and breaks the news to his 16 year old son, that he was being ripped away from his a very powerful mafia. Only to find out,the people who ripped him away were, Katsuki Bakugou, a childhood friend. And Shoto Todoroki, katsukis Boyfriend. Can Midoriya escape the mafia? Or learn how to adapt? Read to find out! Yes, I changed the name of the story and the cover photo

"Why me?..."

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Sold To T...
by XxDepressed_beanxX