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By SayaCielkill
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Eijiro x Izuku FanFic ~Killing Stalking Au~ There's this guy I like... B-But I don't want him to know... Because I would be labeled a stalker for sure... Izuku... Has been stalking Eijiro for a long time and wanted everything to do with him... he wanted Eijiro to himself... Eijiro... is beloved by all of his college friends and is known for his sweet and kind heart but deep down... he is a murder with no mercy... But after Eijiro catches Izuku in his house and has kept him longer than anyone else things start to happen... Warning: This will be fucked up in many ways like the original "Killing Stalking" but this will have my own twist and turns Ages: Eijiro: 24 Izuku: 21 Started: April 4th 2020 Ended: {Got Idea Help By 22WolfyChan22}

Chapter 1- Kiri's house...

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by SayaCielkill