Behind my dark soul
By the_gost_of_my_past
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If there is one thing that couldn't be denied it would be Alicia Stone was a bomb. Smart, independent, and undeniably beautiful the girl was everything but shy. Moving forward to escape her tragic past Alicia Stone was all starting a new clean slate and was also beginning to fall for the handsome Noah but her past didn't want to leave her yet. Will Alicia be able to move on and fight for her love with Noah or lose herself to the demons in her past? .................................................... I thighten the grip on my gun as i look up at his horrifide expression. His eyes keep flickering from me to the dead assasin on the ground. "you asked me why we couldn't be togethere, well now you have your awnser." i say before pulling the gun up to him. Fear flashed through his eyes as he took a step back "You still want to tell me, you love me" I ask before pulling the triger and the man behind him took the bulet to the head and fell to the ground


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Behind my...
by the_gost_of_my_past