Partners in Crime
By writergxrll
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Olivia Bennett packs up her life in The Big Apple to move to the small town of Evergreen. After years of training she finally got her dream job - becoming an agent. She expected to meet new people, make new friends and have a friendly relationship with her partner. What she didn't expect was said partner to be six foot tall, with eyes that you could look at all day everyday and hair that would tempt you to run your fingers through it, not to mention the body he must spend hours training. The attraction between them was instant but with their jobs, relationships were always put to the back of their minds. Never mind the relationship ban that played a particular part, especially with partners. They both have their ways of coping between the toughness of the job and their feelings : sarcasm, digs and finding reasons to piss each other off. But will they give in or will it end at breaking point? #1 in featured 11/06/20

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by writergxrll