Your First | Haikyu...
By naeradhel
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First date. First kiss. First love. Almost everyone has already experienced at least one of those firsts in their high school years. Almost. There are people who still haven't had any. Perhaps because they weren't interested in anyone in high school, or because they wanted to focus more on their education. Or perhaps, because the person they loved didn't return the same feelings. Inara was one of the people who hadn't had any of her firsts. Growing up as a quiet person, it was hard for some people to approach her. Inara might seem reserved for others who didn't know her- timid, even, but once she warmed up to someone, she could be the liveliest person in the room. One day, one unfortunate event befell her that left her in tears in front of a random shop. This was when Inara started to question if the kindness she showed to everyone was worth it after all, considering how people took it for granted. Then someone came along- a complete stranger, in fact- and offered her a company even though she did not ask for it. From there, a friendship grew between two people who met on the street. Little did Inara know, this was not an ordinary friendship like she had had in the past, but a whole different thing. It was a new kind of experience where she learnt a lot about her heart and feelings as she had to endure a turbulence of emotions whenever he looked at her. ⚠ [contains manga spoilers & strong language]


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