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Emilie Pérez has always considered herself as a rational person. However, the day of her graduation changes it all. She learns from her parents that Valentine, disappeared and that she has to marry Valentine's ex-fiancé. As soon as they are married, her husband, Benjamin Del Vecchio vanishes from the surface of the earth for days at end. He has a mask that hides all of his emotions from the world, and it seems nothing can make it disappear. Caught in a web of lies and schemes, Emilie must rush to uncover the truth before everything she knew collapses like a house of cards caught in a hurricane. .・。.・゜ © 2020 Jasmine Giraud | All rights reserved Thereof, any part of this story cannot be copied, photocopied, or used in any way without the author's consent, except for the use of short citations in book reviews.

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