The Hybrid Hero (Bo...
By VampireLord_2101
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In a world where superpowers and supernatural creatures exist new laws had to be made. In the U.S having children with your opposing rival was forbidden. For example Werewolf and Vampires or Dark and Light Elves. However, everything changes when Yuki Chikara half vampire half werewolf was born. When the government finds out about Yuki agents are sent to eliminate the threat to their government. With the looming threat of death hanging over the Chikara family, Yuki's family decide to make an excape to Japan where there are people called heroes. After learning about this new society, Yuki is determined to be the number one hero to protect the people he holds most dear. However, what happens when troubles from the States find their way to Japan? This story will use some adult language, but much. Started: April 1, 2020 Finished: June 10, 2020 Book One Most Impressive Rankings #358 in Mysterious of 40.3k stories 6/26/20 #3 in Death of 390 stories 7/5/20 #207 in tokyo out of 4.27k stories 8/28/20 #497 in WerewolfandVampires out of 6.21k stories 7/20/20 #606 in japan of #14.9k 8/17/20 #3 in ClassOneA in #12 stories 8/10/20. #983 in boy out of 96.2k stories 11/25/20 #780 in oneforall our of 1.17k stories 1/12/21 #118 in ocbook out of 7.33k stories 2/15/21

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The Hybri...
by VampireLord_2101