Pathogen Exposed Ex...
By JarrodAFreeman
  • Science Fiction
  • 2020
  • action
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  • fiction
  • gore
  • halflife
  • horror
  • jarrodafreeman
  • pathogenexposedexpirement
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2021. Australia, NsNs It was a time of terror. Flesh eating mutants would kill each other in the street. Only one Team knows how to stop the terror. One remarkable, noble Team - NsNs (New Science New Studies) The lead scientist, Kai is a 44-year-old scientist from NsNs with a thirst for Studies and Research. Kai Derek knows that to stop the flesh eating mutants from continuing their dastardly deeds, he must betray his morales and protect his down to earth brother, Cayden Derek. He gives up his timid life and travels to Hell! where he battles out with The army to stop the mutants and distribute some help with the vaccine. However, the end of the world approaches, and time is running out for Kai. He is left with two options: stop the flesh eating mutants in one hour, or allow the world to end in a ball of fire and launch the nukes.

Chapter One: Free Fall

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by JarrodAFreeman