I must be cursed...
By Lord030
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"Where did your heart go?" The small girl asked, sitting awfully close to the boy. "I lost it a long time ago." He stared into the fire as it illuminated their faces. "How so? Oh, I bet you lost a bet to someone and you've had a screw loose ever since." An older man chuckled, harassing the boy again. Being known for a previously proclaimed thief and assassin, doesn't gain points with the people. "Death is no game." Dull eyes glared at the man, whom went silent. The boy sighed, knowing as long as he was there, people would look at him in fear. He stood up, silently cursing himself. "I'm going to turn in for the night." Link watched the [H/c]-ette walk away from the group. Neither of them wanted to be stuck with each other but, they needed each other in order to complete their goals. Bad beginnings can't always lead to bad endings, right? [Botw timeline :)]

some inspiration points and research.

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I must be...
by Lord030