One Word | H.S.
By sunflowersnstuff
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We're all mad here, it's Wonderland. ~ Purple. The violet, a daring combination of both blue and red. A mixing of the two a turn-off to many, though an attraction to the conjoined. A color scheme. The ends opposite as one is held by a fiery touch, contrasting greatly with the menacing water that is placed at the other end. A flower, so-to-speak, of constant love-me, love-me-not's. A daring mix, yet an enchanting result. Neither harsh nor dull, just a combination. The color of mystery. The color of mourning. The color of magic. A spark held behind that vibrancy, the notion that once you label it your favorite, it never dissipates. That feeling, that emotion, that suppressed desire for the other now permanently engrained. The color of the Star-Crossed Lovers. ~ How much emotion can a word truly hold? I mean, seriously, it's just one word.

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One Word...
by sunflowersnstuff