the Pain of Truth [...
By BrathaaKingdom
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"What is this?" asked Emma as she held the bars. Ray answered: "It's a gate. It connects the inside and outside." "Outside, huh? We've never been outside." "That's because we've been here ever since we were born." said Norman. Ray looked into the empty path that was behind those bars. Next to him was a girl that was smaller than the three of them, yet only slightly younger. She was clearly scared, but tried to hide it. She didn't want to be the one to be afraid. Emma said: "Mama always tells us, doesn't she? 'Don't go near the gate or fence in the back of the forest because it's dangerous.'" "That's obviously a lie." said Ray, making the girl next to him look up at him. "R-Really?" she asked, taking a step to hide behind him. She got no answer, which she already knew she wouldn't get. "Hey, Ray! What do you want to do if you go outside?" asked Emma. He answered: "I don't know. What about you?" Without a missing beat, Emma said: "I want to ride a giraffe!" "Good luck." Norman, too, grabbed the bars, saying: "I wonder... I wonder what this gate is protecting us from." "Y-Yeah..." said the little girl, shaking slightly. ~~~~~~~~~~ I chose the beginning of the Anime as a description. Pretty great idea, I know I'll be following the Anime for season one and the Manga for season two! Anyways, in case you didn't read any of my other stories. My first language isn't English, so prepare for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc. My writing improves as the story goes on! I really hope that I can make this story into something that you'll like, so just give it a try, I guess? If you don't like parts of my story, you can always tell me, but I can't guarantee any changes. !Do not copy / rewrite this or any other of my stories! The pictures I'm using aren't mine, unless I say so! Credits to Kaiu Shirai and artists! Cover from: Me! But I used this picture for it: Hope you'll enjoy! \(^♡^)/


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the Pain...
by BrathaaKingdom