The Supercalifragil...
By Polu1998
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"Aiyappa, isne phir se mera phone kaat diya! Yeh ladka kab sudrega?!" Kabhie nahi sudrega, Nandini! Kabhie nahi! I guarantee it! And you best get used to his bad habits, if you're going to stick around. You guys are surely trying to guess my identity, as you read this. Who am I? How do I know Manik so well? Nah! I'm not Cabir! You guessed it wrong! I'm his ever so neglected cell phone! Throwing me around, misplacing me here and there, our darling Mr. Malhotra's done all of it. But I, being the selfless soul that I am, have always looked out for him! Curious as to what I've been up to throughout the course of Manik and Nandini's love story? Take a peek to find out!

1A. Locked Away!

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The Super...
by Polu1998