Leap (of faith)
By putrukopisa5
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This is not based on a true story, but every part of this book it's true and in some point everything written here happen to someone. Here's how the story goes. Five girls finished highschool and went to study in different cities in Croatia. They never thought they could lose a relationship but that sometimes happens, and that's ok. Their last night out they arranged to meet 10 years from that night on 10th of October 2018. at 6pm in front of their school in Kutina. This is a story told in a way how would you tell it to a friend you haven't seen for 10 years. Imagine what happend to you in the last 10 years? There have been good, bad, hard and hopeful moments. This is that kind of story, because we can all try, but life writes the best stories.

1st Chapter

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Leap (of...
by putrukopisa5