I Will Become A Pro...
By LAmerica06
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The princess died because of a successful assassination yet she wakes up in one of the recent novel she read before dying. A Cliche story of a Main Character who was forced to remarry a woman he doesn't love. He has a son who was maltreated by his own wife. After he forcefully divorced his wife, he remarried for the third time and this time it is for love. This new wife does her best to win the child's heart and though they face trials and contempt. Their love strenghten and they live a happy life. The Princess reincarnated as the step mom. In short, she is the stepping stone. The ugly selfish woman who will make the Heroine shines brighter in comparison. But as a former princess she can't accept the villainess inelegant ways. She will be as elegant and as beautiful as she always does and then become the best Villainess without any kind of blemish and divorce elegantly. Or so she thinks....

Elegance 1

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I Will Be...
by LAmerica06