Daddy For The Night
By ElaineMTaylor
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. -"Are you feeling me right now?" His voice goes deep and the grin on his face was sinful. "Jesus." I whimper. - Please vote and leave comments! I love to hear what you all think! Also, feel free to follow. I keep in contact with all my followers. Tori by all other standards is your typical 25-year-old single woman. She's beautiful, independent, and intelligent. She has a strong will and makes the best for herself in the big world of adulting. But there is a side of her that she has kept hidden from the collective. Tori is a little without a Daddy. Little does this little know, her Daddy had been right in front of her all along. All it took was seeing Brently in a different light for the night. Will it be for more than tonight? Who knows!

The Realization

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Daddy For...
by ElaineMTaylor