Outside The Lines (...
By NicoleMckoy
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Deacon Sharp has lived his life trying not to follow in his father's footsteps. He has always tried to be a stand up man and positive role model for his three younger brothers. When he finally thought he had it all his world came crashing down. Now with his mother slowly dying he has to make some tough decisions. Deacon is not ready to accept his mother's fate and the only person who seems to understand him is his mother's live in nurse. As his mother's life hangs in the balance will Deacon become what he's always fought against becoming? Will he walk the same path as his father, which he vowed to never do and hurt the girl he loves most in the process. Cecilia Atwood had a rough first year of college and through that contracted an incurable disease. Now two years later she has gotten her life back on track. She has a great boyfriend, a steady job, and is even taking some online classes. But her perfect set up is starting to slowly crumble, as her boyfriend's mother is deathly ill. She has tried her best to be his rock but still she feels he's pushing her away and finding comfort in the arms of someone else. Will the man who promised to never break her heart end up doing just what she was certain he'd never do. Follow Deacon and Cecilia in the sequel to Outside The Lines to see just how everything unfolds. [Note: These characters are from my stories "All In", "High Stakes", "Cash Out", "The Perfect Fit, & The Perfect Fit [Part 2]". You do not need to read any of those stories to follow this one. This story is a sequel to the spin off from those stories following the main characters children. The only thing I would advise is reading "Outside The Lines" before starting Part 2." (This story will be told in Cecilia and Deacon's points of view.)

Outside The Lines (Interracial Romance) [Part 2]

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Outside T...
by NicoleMckoy