Unwillingly, His
By AnnaBWalker
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#2 in Mafia ~ 18/04/20 #17 in Kill ~ 06/04/20. "Do you take Francisco D' Romero as your lawfully wedded husband". The voice came out almost as a threat. I looked around. Everyone held the same expression on their faces. The anticipation of waiting urged the lines on their forehead to be evident. I looked at the double doors that stared right at me. The two men stood at each side of the door, staring right back at me. If they stared any longer, they would know what I was thinking. But the doors kept mocking me. Even they told me to run. Run to my freedom. If I took these stupid heels off and ran, I could make it. Right? If I sprinted and never look back ill be free, just like before. I - "Miss Winters are you okay"? The taunting voice brought me back. I turned to face back to the owner of the voice. The priest looked at me, his small eyebrows furrowed into question. I kept my stare at him not wanting to look ahead. I knew he was looking at me. His gaze bore through me like a laser. But I dared not to make eye contact with him. If we made eye contact, he would know my intentions. He would chain me with just his stare. "I'll repeat the question again". The priest broke my chain of thought and cleared his throat before starting his earlier question which was left hanging before. "Do you take Francisco D'Romero as your lawfully wedded husband"? Then I dared myself to look at him. I turned my gaze from the floor and slowly observed his figure that stood in front of me and there and then we made eye contact. We stood there. In silence. My brown eyes melted in his dark menacing cold hazel glare. "Love, Father asked you a question". he spoke out with a forced threatened smile, his glare hardening on me, clearly showing signs of frustration. After finding my voice again, I spoke. "I-"

Unwillingly, His

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by AnnaBWalker