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By CantCatch-Me
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Fairy Tail- A school for talented Artists and Athletes. Fairy Tail provides three majors; Sports, Art and Music. For the sports major you have to pick one main sport (usually basketball, football or netball). For the art major you can pick between design technology, artistic studies and photography. Lastly for the music major you must be able to play an instrument or sing. Lucy Heartfilia has always been a mystery to the student body. She majors in Music and yet she does not sing nor play any instruments (or that's what they are led to believe). Only three people know that Lucy still sings her father Jude, Her brother Laxus and her best friend Levy. Lucy used to sing for everyone and everything before her mother died of cancer. After that she refused to sing for anyone except the people closest to her. But she still struggled to gain the courage to sing to them. Most people think that Lucy was allowed in the school because her brother is one of the best basketball players. But the truth is the headmaster was a good friend of their mother and often heard Lucy sing back in the day. He thought putting Lucy in a music major might get her confidence back. Lucy has been enrolled in Fairy Tail for just over two years but what happens when Laxus's friends take it upon themselves to unravel the mystery known as Lucy Heartfilia. ▪︎¤▪︎ "I would rather be invisible." "And why is that?" "When your invisible no one judges you." ▪︎¤▪︎ I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, Hiro Mashima does.

Lucy Heartfilia

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by CantCatch-Me