Love & Lust (CU...
By WaattyAriiaa
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------------------------------------------------------------ I jumped a little at the feel of his cold rings, "How do you think Nathan would feel," he asked, which made my heart beat faster and my stomach swirl with nerves. My gut had already been filled with excitement, I couldn't wait. ------------------------------------------------------------ Belle Fawn is an innocent adult as innocent as can be these days. All she knows is books over boys as she craves love from her parents who push her hard to be successful. No matter if she wants it or not which landed her at Grant Incorporate, for an internship during her summer vacation from college. This is where she meets the all too attractive. Liam Black who is a demanding, sexual, love deprived soul. He's never had the best history when it came to love. So he always settled for meaningless sex. Which ultimately landed him in a state of confusion when he found himself maybe feeling a little more than lust for his new assistant. Will you follow Belle into a journey she might have never dreamed of living? Will you follow Liam into his lustful adventure after his new assistant? And will you stay for their crazy love and lust? As they go through love affairs, heart break, betrayal and maybe some cute puppy's? ------------------------------------------------------------ "They were an illusion and the dis was silent." - Love & Lust official quote.


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Love &...
by WaattyAriiaa