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By Violet_Rose_06
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Includes: Cuphead Mugman King Dice Devil Things to note while reading: Devil wasn't originally in this cuz I had writers block when I started this. He is now caught up and is a permanent character in the new chapters!! This was written originally as a femme reader but honestly it can be whatever u want. Now it's more gender neutral I'm just too lazy to change past chapters!! I don't know how to write anything but Fluff so this is a very Mushy wholesome book. Ground Rules: - I WILL NOT DO LEMONS/SMUT! - I will take scenario requests but I won't add people cuz I'm lazy (Devil is the exception) - If u don't like the book just leave, or leave a mean comment it's more entertaining for me that way>:) - this is my first story I started this during quarantine now I'll update occasionally usually only if you leave a request or if I'm incredibly bored - I'm so sorry if you stumbled across this- - and lastly ENJOY!! ⚠️ I DO NOT OWN CUPHEAD OR CASINO CUPS!!⚠️ ⚠️I ALSO DO NOT OWN YOU!! ⚠️

How you meet

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Casino Cu...
by Violet_Rose_06