Alpha Ember (ALPHA...
By AminaAdamou
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"Why is he so angry?" Arius asked as he ran, his face a calm mask, breathing surprisingly even. The only thing that betrayed the supernatural speed in which he was running at was his curly log hair, which whipped wildly behind him, displaying all the sharp perfect angles of his pale inhumanly beautiful face. There was no sign of sweat, anxiety or disorientation. Far too graceful for person fleeing for his life. I, on the other hand probably looked like a mess. From behind us came another ground-shaking roar, not as far off as the previous one. He was getting closer. "What else did you expect when you kidnap an alpha's mate?" I asked him. He raised a brow. "I suppose you have a point. But what I don't understand is why you're running too, Mrs. Alpha." Two new alphas in the area, half the pack, my best friend, my new fae acquaintance, everyone seems against me getting together with Kane Wilder. Even Kane himself. It might not be all bad, if a group of ancient supernatural beings weren't also trying to kill us.


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Alpha Emb...
by AminaAdamou