(ON HOLD) Horns and...
By Arryhtal
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An AU about the trio and dream team and their demon counterparts. Most likely not a shipping book, that's why it's tagged. (That and Skephalo is popular) Also I don't want to add too many author's notes so they will mostly be on a separate book. I tend to go back and change things so if something looks different it probably is. (This includes the book description) Possible trigger warnings Censored swearing Blood (not much) Characters Skeppy - Zak Badboyhalo - Darryl a6d - Vincent Clay - Dream George - GeorgeNotFound Nick - Sapnap I generally don't use real names but this way it will be less confusing. None of these characters are mine. The demon trio characters belong to Izethetic, and the demon dream team characters are inspired by her. --------------- Vincent turned around to see a demon-like creature staring back at him, "Who are you?" He asked. "Who am I?" the demon repeated. "I'm you, but more than you will ever be.

1) After the Stream

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(ON HOLD)...
by Arryhtal