That Wolf is My Fia...
By bp_lalisa_ya
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I was imprinted by a werewolf when I was born. Imprinted means you must marry someone who did it to you. I don't know. It's Werewolves thing. In short, we have already engaged, even though I didn't go out of that hospital yet. Even though I hadn't seen another human at all. And true to be told, my fiancee was much older than me. Surely I didn't understand the meanings of a marriage until twelve years later. My mother for some reasons was very excited about our mating. But, I'm not. I want a normal life! And a normal partner! . . . . This is my first fan fiction, in English, which is not a language that I'm expert in. I am not promising this ff will be a great story with beautiful and perfect grammar. I just hope you understand what I'm writing. Don't expect too much, please :') This story is my stress reliever. I'm so desperate because I don't have a pet anymore, and online classes eat me alive. All pictures in this story do not belong to me. ✌🏻


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That Wolf...
by bp_lalisa_ya