Gang Baby
By TheUnknownBaby
  • Romance
  • ageregression
  • caretaker
  • ddlg
  • dom
  • gangleader
  • ganglife
  • gangs
  • kinky
  • little
  • mafia
  • mafiaprincess
  • sub


Disclaimer This book is going to be normalizing BDSM relationships or dom and sub relationships this is by no means real at all! this is a fantasy book that I am writing not based on anything but pure imagination!!! DO NOT read this book and think that it is normal it is not! There has always been a Mafia in New Locks and let me say they haven't been known to be the nicest people in the world especially sent everyone in the Mafia are Doms other than their woman of course but they don't do any of the dirty work. And ever sents Ray stepped up as mob boss things couldn't be more dangerous. But Rina has never been know for he good timing. Rina moves to New Locks a week after school started back up after summer break. Character descriptions Rina: Classified as a Little, sweet, caring, needy but Intelligent witty and bratty Ray: Classified as Dom/ Daddy Dom payer, aggressive but caring and Intelligent (None of the art/Pictures are mine all credit goes to the creator)

Chapter one

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Gang Baby
by TheUnknownBaby