The Fallen Ayumu (n...
By Emi_ii
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Akari means light. Light meaning the only array of hope given to the Ayumu nation. One of the largest empires known to mankind. When the empire suddenly disappears on the young girl's seventh birthday, an invasion erasing the nation forever, causing mysterious deaths upon the citizens. What are people to think when the light, the body of the Ayumu Nations crown princess is missing? On the run, from bounty hunters, or people who wish to fullfill their selfish desires. Akari grows old, erasing her luxurious childhood from her mind, and maintaining a life alone. Now fourteen, when members from Konoha convince her to join their village, she must conform to her new lifestyle. From being placed on a slacking team, to selfish fighting, Akari struggles to find her new place in this world. But when secrets arise and her questionable royal blood finally begins to seep through her, she learns that her place in the world is something much grander. "If Akari means light- -why am I trapped in such darkness?" Most art shown is by Ibuki Satsuki

Prolouge (part 1 of 2)

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The Falle...
by Emi_ii