The Ghost Who Saved...
By Gracieblack01
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Sure, he bombed his way into Lydia's life, sure, he nearly killed her entire family, sure, he forced her to use a vase as a weapon; but everyone could change, right? Beetlejuice had saved her life that night. Over the course of those short couple days, he had shown her that maybe, just maybe, there was something more to this whole 'being alive thing.' Time heals all wounds, right? Maybe they still didn't quite trust each other, maybe they never would, but today that didn't seem to matter. It isn't just your average day in the Deetz household. It's Halloween, the third anniversary of Beetlejuice and Lydia's friendship, and they're determined to have fun. Scares, flirting, lightly bullying Adam -- today is the day for friendship... and maybe something more? Warning! This story includes strong language and very serious subjects like suicide, depression, anxiety, sex and more so this story rated M for Mature. PS the cover photo isn't mine. I found it on Pinterest and thought it was adorable. Unfortunately I don't know who drew it.

Halloween Scares?

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The Ghost...
by Gracieblack01