Rise of the Predaco...
By Ashen_Griever
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The Age of Primes had come to an epic conclusion with Optimus Prime becoming one with the AllSpark. The despotic Decepticon warmonger, Megatron, held true to his word of leaving any delusions of conquering the newly revitalized Cybertron. He was never heard from nor seen since he last battled Optimus as Unicron. Yet, his cronies are still at large. Starscream, Shockwave, and Soundwave have yet to be discovered of their whereabouts. But the remaining Autobots of Team Prime are ever-vigilant to face any threat that may harm their beloved planet. And the fierce Predacon leader, Predaking, with his twin guards, Darksteel and Sky Lynx, have taken to living in the Sea of Rust among the remains of the Predacons-before-them. They have yet to discover Shockwave's hideout in order to free their brethren at all cost. But their mission will eventually lead them back to Earth, and their destinies. -=*=-

Chapter 1: Lore

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Rise of t...
by Ashen_Griever