Trust me, Kitty
By Heuliina
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Just as Kathryn Summers thought her life in Santa Monica was finally going well, everything suddenly changes. Her boyfriend Mikey starts to disappear mysteriously. He is seen in strange places, with strange people, doing strange things. No matter how much Kathryn tries, Mikey won't tell her anything about what is going on. Yet Mikey is still the same sweet guy he has always been and sometimes everything feels like nothing has changed. Sometimes Kathryn wonders if she has just imagined all those strange moments when Mikey has disappeared or been in strange places. Sometimes Mikey just behaves so... normally. But as Kathryn and her friends try to figure out what is going on they become all the more suspicious Mikey might actually be doing something illegal. And just as if that wasn't already enough trouble, Kathryn's dad decides to drop a bomb with some news Kathryn definitely would not have wanted to hear.

Chapter 1

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Trust me...
by Heuliina