Servant of the Siph...
By burneplasmafire
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Our story takes place in the Nexus - an artificial pocket universe built long ago to prevent dimensional bleeding and allow trade and cultural exchange between universes. Long ago, the old ones left this place and their ships stopped escorting inbound freighters. Humans from Earth found one of these old warships, dubbing it Orion. Under the command of Caroline Trueman, they have set out on a mission of exploration. After a long journey, the crew of the Orion find an almost abandoned alien city within The Nexus. In the outpost's dimmed halls they find a woman in suspended animation and revive her, hoping to learn more about the long-lost builders of the pocket universe and the dimensional portals. What remains in the alien information archives tells of a great and powerful enemy which once sought to control the Nexus. The Siphen are an alien race existing as and subsisting on high forms of energy. They have brought about a state of catastrophic entropy in their own universe and now that Orion has returned, they seek to use it to escape to another universe. In a battle with the Siphen at the heart of the Nexus, the way home to Earth is lost, and the Orion is badly damaged. As our story begins, power is failing in parts of the ship, necessitating an evacuation.

Part 1

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Servant o...
by burneplasmafire