Little Bird (Kylo R...
By kassanovella
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!!PLEASE READ WARNINGS BEFORE READING!! You are a new Handmaid, your first assignment is at the home of Commander Kylo Ren. His Wife hates you. And you wished he did, too. It'd make it much easier to ignore the way he looks at you, the way he speaks to you, when she isn't there. But the hardest thing to ignore is the way he touches you. Originally uploaded onto tumblr (kylorengarbagedump) and AO3 (kassanovella), uploaded to Wattpad per request. Cover art by @_polart_ on instagram. Warnings: This is a Handmaid's Tale AU--this means the Reader-character is an actual, literal slave to Kylo Ren. Therefore, this fic contains dark themes/ideas/dubious consent all the way around. Please do not read if any of that makes you uncomfortable. Specific Warnings: ch 17: graphic violence, gunplay, major dubcon ch 22: daddy kink ch 25: gratuitous graphic violence, gratuitous bloodplay ch 29: graphic depiction of violence (yes, again) ch 35: gratuitous violence... again ch 36: bloodplay, woundplay ch 39: graphic depictions of violence, physical and sexual Tags on AO3 include: Alternate Universe Handmaid's Tale AU Shameless Smut Dubious Consent Dubious Morality Explicit Violent Christian Themes Dystopia Dirty Talk Verbal Humiliation Dom!Kylo Ren sub!Reader Choking Mutual Masturbation Oral Sex Reader is part of the resistance now I guess Gunplay Crylo Ren Fluff--if fluff is possible Snowballing Daddy Kink Making Margaret Atwood Rue the Day I Was Born Angst Definitely Bloodplay Breeding Kink Kylo Ren is Not Nice Meaningful Looks (tm) Kylo Ren Has Big Sexy Hands Parties & Gunfights & Fucking Woundplay Emotional Edging Voyeurism Violent Sex Bukkake


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Little Bi...
by kassanovella