The Arrangement
By miloarqam
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When the BAU gets a letter saying they would get a new member they were more than willing to accept any extra help the government would give them. What they were not expecting was a new pair a shiny pair of high heels to dominate the field. Abigail Bethear was a calculated beauty who took pride in her work. A mystery in her own right, knowing exactly what to say and captivating enough to be the center of attention all the time. She was the kind of women that had Spencer Reid stumbling over his words. When Spencer Reid caught Abigail's eye she had no intention on letting off the hook, he was hooked, line and sinker so started their arrangement. Abigail had only one hard rule. They could never be more than a hook up. Only that did not last long because Dr. Spencer Reid, who had spent his whole life being social awkward and ignored felt like he had a spot light. He was the muse of a beautiful women who he knew only wanted him for sex but he wanted more. More of her. Their relationship became more complex, intensely complicated. Spencer could never understand Abigail, she was hiding away from him. Away from the world. No one knew why. No one but the secretive beauty known as Abigail Bethear knew but Spencer Reid was not giving up. He had agreed to the arrangement and he was going to make sure the woman he had mistakenly fallen for knew she had somewhere to go. Abigail Bethear was left to contemplate everything she had ever told herself because Spencer had become so much to her than just a hook up The Arrangement Had Become Something More. I DON'T OWN CRIMINAL MINDS. THIS STORY WILL ALSO NOT BE FOLLOWING THE MAIN STREAM STORIES TIME LINE.


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The Arran...
by miloarqam