Safe {Will Byers x...
By Ticcimaddy
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{Will Byers X reader} -------------- Y/n was one of the very first victims of the demogornen, trapped in the upside down. She met will and others, barb and such, and made a base. ...Expect one day they get attacked... Barb doesn't make it, Will disappears Y/n swore to find him, dead or alive. But the only problem was... She was still stuck in the upside down. ____________________________________ Alrighty this story will definitely include fluff in it, and lots of angst! There will be cussing and gore in this story so if your not comfortable with reading that then please do not read this, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable while reading my story's. _______________________ I Do not own strangers nor any characters expect emliee, Alex, and the base full of people in this story. ----------------- Status: Still going on, edited ------------

Season 4 ☹️

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Safe {Wil...
by Ticcimaddy