The Problems With B...
By Vampiressuck2
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Dear Diary, Life's a bitch. Tyler NightLock is a closeted gay boy who starts the 7th grade and is only worried about making it all the way through the middle school so in 9th grade he can "explore the endless possibilities of being out of closet gay boy. " But his plan to survive middle school will have to wait when a boy named Demetrius moves in across the street with his gay parents along with himself, who is openly gay. But when his friends find him hanging out more and more with Demetrius will they start to find out his secret? Also what will Demetrius say when he finds out Tyler is gay too, will his feelings change towards him.? Like Tyler says there's always problems with being gay at 13. *** Cover By: @wannagobackstage

Ch.1 -New Gay Neighbors-

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The Probl...
by Vampiressuck2