Strip ✔️
By Xiitez
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Book 1&2 Khione Maxwell is a sex therapist that does a little stripping on the side. Now, don't get her confused as a stripper on a pole. She enjoys erotic dancing and owns her own company that ensures just that. She dabbles in multiple sex working side hustles to keep her lifestyle the way she enjoys. She sets her own rules and her own price as well as very protected with her bodyguards. Tristan Monroe is a businessman building his empire. Climbing the social ladder in the world, he doesn't mind getting a little dirty as he makes his way to the top. Hosting a gathering for some investors he dabbles into some of their interest, as soon as the entertainment makes an appearance he's baffled by who the ebony goddess was in front of him. An ambitious woman was never on Tristan's radar, not knowing how to handle such a woman he quickly turns into a bitter man when he can have things his way.

Chapter 1

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Strip ✔...
by Xiitez