The Hidden Dead (Bo...
By w3tbananas
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After the attack from the group called, The Humans, the community now has to rebuild. The leader is thought against badly and many people think she is part of the attack. They want her out but no one is there to take her place. The children! Gone! The Women! Gone! The big Men! Gone! With everyone else killed or hidden. There is not much left, less that 500 in a community that had 2000, with no leader to lead them many are leaving the group. Now that there is another group out there that know where they live, Shannon wants to move to another area and build up walls there. Somewhere very far away. Many people are not happy with it and it is causing even more people to leave. The community is broken apart and not many are left, Ben is faced alone, Christian is no longer able to be at his side and now he has to make decisions for himself. will he fail or will he find things that will change his community forever? Find out in Book 2 of "The Dead Dont Talk" series.

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The Hidde...
by w3tbananas