Game Changer
By linzvonc
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*SAMPLE CHAPTER ONLY- FULL STORY AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON INKITT.* Two hands are placed either side of me on the bar, and I frown at the proximity of the body pressed against mine. I turn around to see dark green eyes boring into mine, and I inhale sharply. "Adrian..." "Savannah." I reach out to touch his face, my fingers dancing on his jawline as he slips his hand around my waist, tugging me towards him softly. A whimper leaves my lips as he closes the distance between us, the heat from his body suddenly making me feel weak. "I need to-" he whispers hoarsely, before I feel two hands clawing me away from him. ******* Anyone but you. I'd literally have rather fallen for ANYONE else. Because you are the one person I can't have, and don't want. I don't want you, at all. I need you. I'm definitely going to hell. I can only hope you don't choose to come with me...


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Game Chan...
by linzvonc