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By alwaysokayforever
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His hands found way to my waist, encircling it softly, as by a movement of hand, he pulled me closer leaving an inch between our lips.My hands went to his broad shoulders as he towered over me. " Can I kiss you Cathedral?" A amused gasp left my mouth as I felt a string of emotions, love, respect and a crazy drive, what did I ever do to cross my paths with such a man! " Ye-yes" I stuttered as butterflies exploded and fuzziness took over as his lips touched mine. Kissing him felt like the purest thing to do, the warmth and the softness killing every inch of insecurity,angst and frustration. All I knew was that kissing him was the right thing to to do. It revived me, cherished me and worshiped me. One girl, can one girl turn your whole world straight 180? Who can change you? Love you? Cherish you? And then forget you? The ruthless most heard and respected name in the world of business, Jason Blake. Has the deepest shade of mystical forest eyes. Six pack abs sizzling his well built figure. A smile that will drive you insane by the thought of wanting. Every girl in Seattle, wants him. But the old playboy, drowned in the beauty of one and only, Cathedral Weston. Cathedral Weston, the hidden heiress of the Weston INC, freshly out of college with a double degree. The oceans in her eyes hold the waves of her emotion, love for family, affection for friends and oblivion, but of what? The confused beauty rummaging for answers that will ruin her, destroy her peace. * What are the questions?* All the questions will get answered, destroying peace and creating new questions yet again, Will the peace blossom or is the destructions strong enough to crumble her from within? Along the answers, *truth* sits along the, something that will make her question everyone's words she had heard yet. What happens when they meet, *or have they already met?* *What does the future holds?* *Or what did the past bring?* *Why does his forest eyes,* *Put a bell to ring?*


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