Y/n and The Ink Mac...
By Banshee_Screams
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I got a summon letter from my old boss... Joey Drew. He wants me to come back to the old studio, says he's got something to show me. Yeah, that turned out to be a bold faced lie! Now I'm running errands for an Angel, avoiding an ink demon, and hiding from a dude with a projector for a head! Many questions swarmed my head. Where are my coworkers? Why did Joey choose me? And most importantly... HOW DO I GET OUT?! Everything will be explained later on, please be patient :). Gender neutral reader. But if you are attracted to females only, then please be weary of some parts. There will be no smut or fluff or love in general, just mentions of the reader and a certain coworker from the past. This whole book is based on theories my friends and I have on the game. The cover art is mine. Don't distribute, or claim it as yours because I will be able to probe it's mine. March 21, 2020-

Through the ink machine

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Y/n and T...
by Banshee_Screams