Written In Blood
By BeatriceLangston
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Eliza Davenport is a nineteen year old veterinarian in training. When her world is turned upside down by a virus that takes your life by a horrendous fever, and brings you back as a flesh-eating zombie, she is forced to do things she never thought we would have to do. Eliza has decided two things: 1. Zombies are deadly & 2. People are worse How will she survive in a world she can't trust? ********** My captor stood up and and charged for the men who had practically hunted me, holding my gun out in front of him. "Drop your weapons." He said calmly. "I want both of you to put your hands up." One of the idiots cocked their gun, and held it up. "No." In the blink of an eye, my captor had shot the bigger man in the arm, making him drop his gun, and kicked the gun out of the others hand. "Are we done?" He asked, hardly out of breath. "Burn in hell!" The man he had shot choked out. My captor picked up both of their guns, sliding them into his pockets. "Yes, most likely." He smirked, "Let's just hope the devil doesn't make us bunk buddies."

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Written I...
by BeatriceLangston