A Mortal Faerie Tale
By FangirlForeverHazel
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Soulmates like us don't stick together, we threaten to stab each other in the eyes and scoop them out of the sockets. Dawnshore. A place where your every move is dominated by the faeries and where everyone is bounded to each other by a bond, Cinched as the locals term it, Bethany Frost struggles to make it through one day without experiencing existential crisis with her movements constrained to her room and the path to school. The seventeen-year-old despises her soulmate, Zach who was once her only friend until someday he humiliated her in front of the whole school and drifted apart without any explanation whatsoever. But her confined life toppled overnight when she finds about her mother's secretive past that associates with the secrets of the mighty faeries. Her decision can either save or bring the world closer to its annihilation. What will she do about the piece of unnerving information that could be the destruction of the whole world she received from her mother and an annoying soulmate at her side in this wild adventure? #4 in tied #12 in faeries #136 in enemiestolovers #218 in fantasy-romance #157 in soulmateau #77 in youngadultreads

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A Mortal...
by FangirlForeverHazel