With Us Divided
By LanaJWrites
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What would you do if your worst enemy turned out to be your only comrade? ~~~~~ For centuries the city was comprised of families, allies--survivors. Family was the only thing that mattered, none wanting to go extinct, to be left to the dust of the streets. Though, two families are the supreme leaders: the Conducts and the Doctrines. To be directly related to one of the largest families, Julian Conduct made it her duty to protect the ones she loved at all costs--her mother the biggest priority. The Doctrines barely came around to start something, but she had witnessed their damage; and their damage was enough to leave nightmares to the nights that Julian dreaded. She couldn't let them win. One night, Julian comes back to the compound to find everything in shambles, bodies to be scattered, and the survivors gone. The only thing left for her to gain is something that she never thought in a million years would happen: a young Doctrine. Now with her hostage, it's Julian's time to find the survivors, the ones she loved the most. But what could she do with the Doctrine? Were the families searching for each of their survivors, or were they forgotten in past of the family feud? There was only one way to find out, but the hunt could turn deadly with the two joining together and being unable to split apart with how many memories and secrets held between them. ~~~~~ PG-13 No smut, you nasties. Updates happen between 1-2 week intervals due to me being busy and needing to write the chapter. I haven't written an original story in years, so here's a new beginning. The wonderful cover is made by @yunhooee

The Beginning

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With Us D...
by LanaJWrites