House of Cards || T...
By Krydolf_tha_kin
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Everything you spent so long building up will come crumbling down in front of your eyes. ❤️♠️♦️♣️ Every prince needs his own personal servant, that's just common sense. A good servant makes their daily lives a lot less stressful and can even be used as a status symbol among other royalty. Prince Taehyung has been lucky enough to have Jin as his servant his whole life. Jin knows everything there is to know and as a result Taehyung has become incredibly spoiled to the point where he can't even tie his own shoelaces. What happens when Taehyung loses a bet and gets stuck with prince Jungkook's servant instead? One thing is for certain: Jimin has an attitude that is hard to deal with and he doesn't know how to do basic tasks either... much like prince Taehyung himself. How did prince Jungkook survive for so long with such a bad servant? Word count: 106 000

⚜1⚜ New life

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House of...
by Krydolf_tha_kin