Lost Minds
By anonymousteengirlxo
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"Naomi, you've been missing for days! Hear me out." He grabs my arm, pulling me close into his chest. I try to fling his grip off of my wrist but he holds tight. "Let me go." I breathe out through clenched teeth. He has no right to ask me anything. He's nobody to me. I have no one now. I don't need anyone. "Talk to me, Naomi." He whispers, his lips inches away from my mine. My breath hitches. Why can't he just leave me alone? And why do I want him to stay? **** Naomi Harrison has always been an outcast. To society, her family, her school, and the world. If everyone's going to hate her anyway, she might as well give them a reason. That might include fights, blood and the trill of a kill, but she loves that stuff. She lives for it. She was satisfied with the thought of keeping everyone and everything away from her. Why would she? Bonds hurt too much to make. But when the new kid with cold eyes approaches her, although she wants to run in the opposite direction, he pulls her in. She can't help it. Lies and layers of the secrets in the past have built both from broken homes and pain, but will their meeting help ease the torture? Will either open up to healing? Or is it doomed from the start?


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Lost Minds
by anonymousteengirlxo