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Ariella Swan is the twin sister of Isabella Swan. You probably haven't heard of her yet, because she's been away from her sister for 7 years. Why do you ask? On Ariella's 11th birthday, she received a letter from a school in Hogwarts that states she is a witch and she must go to the school. If not, there s a possibility that her magic will go berserk and harm her family. For their safety, Ariella went, and never returned home. She stayed with the Weasleys, who became her second family, after her sister and her parents. Ariella's life in Hogwarts was very odd, but she made it through with the help of her best friend, Cedric Diggory. When Cedric passes away, Ariella is left with grief, but she has no time to mourn, for her time in Hogwarts is already done. She moves in with her father, who is more than happy to house his daughter once more. What Ariella doesn't like is the fact that she has to live with her sister again. Don't get her wrong, she loves her sister, she truly does, but her sister doesn't like her and completely misunderstands everything. With a heavy heart, Ariella moves in with her father and her sister. But what happens when a certain honey-blonde catches her attention? --- #1 in carlislecullen [4/16/2020] #1 in ariella [4/16/2020] #1 in cullen [4/22/2020] #1 in shifter [5/04/2020] #4 in harrypotter [5/04/2020] #1 in breakingg [5/22/2020] #1 in newmoon [6/02/2020]


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