A Dance of Lions an...
By ninaalvarez37
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Davina Lannister is the youngest child of Tywin Lannister. She is very loved by her father, which is why he let her practice with Jaime swordsmanship, and he himself taught her how to properly shoot and arrow and never miss. Davina is as much as a warrior as she is a lady like her sister, who taught her the art of manipulation and forced her to learn how to fight in skirts. This colorful upbringing, along with Tyrion's tales of amazing lands, gave Davina the heart of an adventurer. So she struck a deal with her father, she would marry whomever he chose if he first let her fulfill her dream, and explore Essos beforehand. She was granted her wish, but first she had to meet her betrothed a week before her departure. Easy, what could possibly happen in a week? Well a lot if your future husband is no other than Prince Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper, a man famous for his sexual drive. Introductions were made, insults were exchanged, and a deal was made between the future couple. This is how a dance of lions and snakes began. --------------------------- WARNING ⚠️ This story includes mature themes like: cursing, violence, sexual scenes, assault. I do not indulge any of the violent acts explored but remember it is a work of fiction. I own nothing but Davina and my own twist of the story, everything else belongs to the brilliant George R. R. Martin and the HBO series creators.

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A Dance o...
by ninaalvarez37